A life of quiet desperation

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Despite spending time with two very special people today, I have not been able to shake off the air of despondency that’s hanging over me. It affected the time spent with them. It also affected the time spent with mother at GT Heritage nursing home. As a result, I didn’t stay as long as I should’ve but left after less than an hour.

Each time this happens, I think I should go away and not be with people. This is to protect them from being at the receiving end of my mood.

Unfortunately, it happens more often than not. Maybe it’s time to think of cutting myself off from the world and moving to a nunnery full-time.

The fragment of a quote quite related to how I’m feeling popped into mind, I googled for it, and found that it was written by Henry David Thoreau, and apparently the most famous line from his book, Walden.

For some reason, I always thought Raymond Williams said it.

Here’s the quote in full:

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.