Goodbye, talkative radio deejays

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Received an sms from Teo that my Zen car kit adapter is tentatively scheduled to arrive next week. I’d ordered this item soon after buying my Creative NOMAD Jukebox Zen Xtra in late July. It’s not a popular item in Malaysia and had to be ordered from Singapore, with an approximate delivery date of a month. And now it’s almost here.

With the Zen Car Kit, I will at long last be able to say bye-bye to talkative radio deejays on my way to and fro work. I’ve put up with their often inane chatter for the longest time and finally decided to take the plunge and get the Jukebox Zen Xtra. On its own, the Jukebox can’t replace the radio in the car, but plugged into the car kit adapter, it’ll be my personalised radio, or rather music centre, that plays anything I want it to play from the Jukebox’s music library. Safe, too, cuz the music won’t be channeled into my ears but instead into the car via the car kit adapter.

Can’t wait.