It was right under my nose

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Or rather, it was right there in front of my face.

As I continue to tweak the layout of my Chatter site, one of the things I wanted was to have only the most recent day’s posts appear on the front page. Having just learned CSS and PHP, I was expecting the answer to be in either of those file types.

I posted a question at the WordPress forums and received one reply, which pointed to a PHP file related to reading. Prior to that, while reading the WP forums, I’d come across suggestions to look at Options: Reading. I remember asking myself where is Options: Reading? I was going to post a question to ask, and good thing I didn’t. The answer finally came to me early this morning when I was in the shower.

Options: Reading is not a PHP file but an easy-to-use feature on my WP login page, the place where I do all admin and tech stuff for my Chatter site.

True enough, when I went to check the page later, I found it. And changed the “Show the most recent” option in the Front Page section to 1 day. Which is what the front page of my Chatter site now shows.

I’m feeling really *duh* at the moment. But it’s all part of the learning process.

Next task – put in Previous | Main | Next links at the bottom of each page.