The waiting is over

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It has been the hottest topic since late July. Colleagues from different departments who hardly know each other and normally not say much more than a hello, were suddenly following their greetings with, “Any news yet?” And the answer would be, “No, not yet.” And if anyone asked me, I’d add, “It doesn’t matter. Whenever it comes out, it’ll be backdated to 1st July, so no worries.”

Last Friday, some of the support staff in my department started whispering, “Eh, such-and-such a department got theirs already, lah.”

This morning, the same support staff came to work looking positively worried. Then, around mid-morning, someone from the HR department came in with a familiar A5-sized brown envelope. A while later, our head of department came out of her room with a stack of white envelopes in her hand, which she proceeded to distribute to each of us. To the Muslim staff she added, “Nah, duit Raya …”

I wasn’t expecting mine. The usual process is for the support staff to receive theirs first, followed by the executive staff’s a month later. This time, probably because it’s SO late, we all got it at the same time.

After which, there were no more worried faces in the department.

What is IT?

Our annual “love letter” from the company, with news about our salary increment and bonus payment.

Pleasant surprise for me?

*nods head enthusiastically*