Writing Breakthrough

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Writer’s block implies that you’ve come up against a dead end, or a very thick wall, and there is no way through for the writing that you need to do.

For me, writer’s block is more akin to constipation. The words are in me, but they are just not coming out. Or if they are, they are not coming out right. And I’m feeling very uncomfortable because of it.

I’ve spent much of today trying to write a long overdue proposal for work. I haven’t gone out of the house at all – partly cuz it’s been very hot and sunny since about 9:00 a.m. and I’m not supposed to be out in such weather, but I digress.

I’ve spent the day sitting in front of the computer (and letting myself get distracted cuz the computer has been left online since yesterday evening), walking up and down, sitting in front of the telly (hoping for inspiration?), taking short-short naps (in the hope that the entire proposal will come to me in a dream and I’d wake up to transcribe it down?), and staring into space. Despite such un-worklike behaviour, I’d like to think that my brain has been working at processing all the various bits and pieces it has about the paper I have to write.

And now, I think I’ve made a breakthrough.

The words are finally coming together, the sentences flowing from my fingertips and making sense.

For me, the first word, phrase, or sentence has to make sense, and I think what I’ve written so far – about a page or 231 words – is finally making sense.

The proposal will be completed tonight.

Oh yah, I know. Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest. It’s been Sunday for a long time for me – whether it’s really Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday … am I making sense? Yeah, my life is quite messed-up.

Later …