When the cat’s away …

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Around mid-morning, the department head’s secretary wheeled in a trolley. On it were two big zipped-up bags.

Shortly before lunch, a couple of women showed up. Both were colleagues, but one I’d never seen before. They were soon joined by more female colleagues from other departments. All headed towards the back of the department.

From where I sat at my workstation, I could see some of them, and the garden set (yes, a garden set) where I normally eat my lunch getting piled high with colourful outfits.

The department was being turned into a mid-day street market.

I was miffed. I dislike outsiders coming into our department during lunch time. I especially dislike not being asked beforehand. Because of my lupus, I usually stay in for lunch and often have the place to myself for up to an hour sometimes.

Not today’s lunchtime.

Dang if more women weren’t showing up.

I stayed at my workstation, watching the “street market” .

Towards the end, when most of the visitors had left, the ringleader came out, dressed in one of the outfits. She started to say something, but I’d had enough.

“Don’t do this again …”

“Why not? Boss is away …”

“What if the others talked about this afternoon, and she hears of it?”

(Boss doesn’t like such going-ons in the department; why do you think it’s happening while she’s away?)

As Ms Ringleader still didn’t seem to understand, I tried to make it clearer.

“Think of the image of the department …”

She’s someone relatively senior in the department and she had to have such things spelled out for her?