Some NaNo thoughts

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What NaNoWriMo has given me

Friends (no, not the TV series)

Ok, let me clarify …

Writing friends

^_^ (meiteoh’s influence)

Restored belief in myself


A little more self-discipline now than at the beginning of this month

Friends, writing friends!


I showed Leah’s article to my niece, telling her where to start reading, and asking her, “eh, who are they talking about there?” Her reply? “You, lah!”



I was talking to a friend about NaNo. She asked what’s there to stop her from writing the word “la” 50,000 times and submitting that as her NaNovel.

Absolutely nothing.

It’s up to each of us, to treat NaNoWriMo and ourselves seriously, or to be flippant about it. I choose the former.