When I grow up …

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… I want to look like this.

This is Maxine Hong Kingston, the first Asian American writer I ever read. Her book, The Woman Warrior, was my first taste of Asian American literature.

The next book I bought of hers was China Men. Around that time, I remember she came to Kuala Lumpur for a book signing tour. Unfortunately, I missed seeing her cuz I was working that day.

After that, there was a lull of almost 10 years before her next book, Tripmaster Monkey. I’d waited so long for something new from Hong Kingston that I didn’t mind spending almost 30 quid (I was studying in England at the time) for a hardcover version soon after the book was released in the market. Unfortunately, I didn’t understand the book at all, and still don’t to this day.

Awhile back, I was in MPH MidValley when I saw she had a new book out. So did Toni Morrison. I’m going to get both for Christmas.

Actually, “awhile back” turned out to be almost a year ago. I just checked my offline journal and it was 6 December 2003 that I wrote about being surprised by Hong Kingston’s new book at the bookstore. Now, almost a year later, I’m going to get it, together with the Morrison book, for Christmas. The paperback versions should be available by now.