What a day

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I was wrong about today. It wasn’t a good day. It was an EXCELLENT day!

The special person from up north is Peter Tan, owner of The Digital Awakening blog. Thanks to him, about 20 bloggers in the KL / Klang Valley got to meet one another this morning at Starbucks One Utama New Wing.

Before this morning, the only ones I’d met were Marita Paige, graceshu and JustMe, who came with her little K but was able to join us for only a short while at Starbucks and later at Basque Lane where we were having lunch. Now, I can say I’ve met a few more, but due to my age, I can’t guarantee I’ll remember all (if any) of them.

But I know I’ll never forget Peter and his girlfriend, Wuan.

Wuan was one of two non-bloggers present this morning. The other was RY, Marita’s friend, who came along, and who I think (in fact, am quite sure) will be starting her own blog soon. (Actually, I think there was a third – M A C V A Y S I A Jordan’s wife.)

The phrase “it’s a small world” proved to be very true as one of the other bloggers, Adriene, is actually RY’s classmate, so this morning’s meet-up was a reunion for them.

There were actually two groups waiting for Peter, but because we’d never met before, we sat at different tables, each wondering if the other was there to meet Peter.

It was only after Peter arrived, joining us at our table because Adrienne, who he’d met before, was with us, that the other group came over to ask if this was the bloggers’ meet.

Because we were quite a big group, I suggested that Marita pass around the AlphaSmart Dana for everyone to type in their names and blog addresses. For me, it was a way to get the Dana into the hands of people who have never heard of it before, and who seemed intrigued when they saw it on the table in front of Marita. And I was right – the Dana took its time around the table as almost everyone was quite wow’d by its lightweight, inspecting it closely before typing in their info and handing it onto the next person.

The full attendance list for this morning’s meet-up is with Marita who will be putting it up on her blog when she’s returned to Kuching and settled back in once again. No doubt, there will be lots of pictures, too, so stay tuned for that!

I spent most of today with Peter, Wuan and Marita, and really enjoyed myself.

Thanks, Peter and Wuan. You, too, Marita.

BTW, Peter – I’m adding you to my list. :)

Reading Material

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Just finished Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Namesake.

Next – Maxine Hong Kingston’s The Fifth Book of Peace.

I’m still reading Yann Martel’s Life of Pi. Yup, I’ve been reading two books at the same time, one during the day and one at night. Don’t ask why – you don’t want to know.

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