First Encounter with Janis Ian

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I’ve been going through my 1987 and 1988 diaries, looking for references to when I first heard Janis Ian. There are none. Well, not direct ones.

There is mention of joining the Record Library in early November 1987, with this remark – “Now, reconsidering buying a double cassette player again, cuz can dupe some of these borrowed tapes!”

November 1987, I was a second year undergrad at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England. The Norwich Library had a record section, and even had displays of featured recordings. I must’ve seen her Between the Lines (cassette) on display, borrowed it, and liked it enough to go and get my own copy.

About 10 months later, I was sharing a house in Norwich with some friends, and one night, went through the house owner’s record collection where we found the Between the Lines LP and played it on the turntable. By that time, I was well familiar with all the songs on the album, and sang along at the top of my voice.

This is a very strong memory for me, yet, when I checked my 1988 diary, this is all I found – “After the video, Michael went to bed cuz he had to work tomorrow, while Melanie and I stayed up a bit more, listening to some records.”

… listening to some records.

Was that all? But I’m sure Between the Lines was one of the records we listened to that night.