Grandpa Chin

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For some reason, I’ve been thinking of my grandfather today. I didn’t know him very well, if at all; I was only learning to walk when he passed away.

But he was a big part of the shop that was a big part of my life, so I guess he has had some influence on my life.

Something came up recently that brought the shop to mind. I’m thinking whether to post about it. If I do, someone will get hurt (well, only if they know about this site and come to read it). But if I don’t, my parents’ side of the story won’t get told. I’ll think about this further.

Back to Grandpa Chin. He was quite a well-known figure around Kuala Lumpur in those days. Just how well-known? When he passed away, he had a grand send-off which included a parade through the streets. The entire family also gathered in front of the hearse for one last photo with him:

I’m in there, a little round-headed kid in my nanny’s arms.


For Rolly – I’ve added a link to a bigger picture, just hold the mouse over the picture above and click to view it. My family is identified in circles, and I’m the one in my nanny’s arms (she’s family, too).