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So I eventually got off my behind last Saturday and went to get the new printer from the car. The previous evening, I’d gone to a computer store to get the necessary supplies – A4 glossy and matte photo paper, 4×6 glossy photo paper, A4 iron-on transfers (visions of my own Tai Ts), even a labeller, but that’s another story.

I spent some of the weekend printing out some favourite pictures. Here’s the collection:

All the three Tai pictures were taken by somesai, who has been called Tai’s unofficial personal photographer. Then there’s Boo’s official publicity shot (Boo from the movie Monsters, Inc, yes, that’s her in the pink nightie and pigtails), and two Janis shots from my UK LRC holiday back in April.

And a small voice nags, What about your trip to Norwich?

Me: What about it?

Small voice: You haven’t written about it, and it’s more than 3 months …

Me: Oh …

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