Forever Peace

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Please meet Forever Peace, the little sister of the cub with harelip who I adopted through Pandas International:

My little girl

I just received the picture from Suzanne Braden, director of Pandas International.

I’ve named her Yoong Ping (Mandarin pronunciation) for both my parents and my niece.

“Yoong” , the first part of her name, is the character for “forever” and it’s also the first part of my niece’s name. My niece battled leukemia for 4 years before succumbing to it this past March.

“Ping” , the second part of the name, means “peace” and was the nickname my parents used for each other. They met in the late 40s when there was quite a bit of unrest in our country and peace was what they wished for the country.

Yoong Ping – Forever Peace

I hope to visit Wolong next year and hold her in my arms!