Here we go again …

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*points to new icon added to left sidebar*

Yes, that time of month again.

The Flickr nanowrimo group that I belong to has seen a sizeable increase in new members in the past week, and it’s due to a link from the official NaNoWriMo site! Yes, 2006 NaNo’ers are looking for places to share their excitement.

At the site itself, the forums have been activated since 1 October. I usually hang out at the NaNo Technology forum. In addition to writing my 50,000 words, I also have a mission to share about AlphaSmart products in that forum. And the feedback has been mostly positive. Quite a few people have an AlphaSmart product to help them NaNo, and all of them have good things to say about how they’ve managed to finish 50,000 words thanks to the product. Such positive response should help those non-users who have posted questions about AlphaSmart to make up their minds to get one!

I also hang out at the Malaysia forum, but that one seems to be a little slow waking up. We’ve only had 3 or 4 veterans post there. Maybe closer to the start date, we’ll have other Malaysian NaNo’ers stumble in to grab a seat.

Do I have a story for my NaNovel 2006? Sure I do. I have the characters and an idea of a story, but I’m trying not to outline too much (or at all), in case I start writing it! I have to wait for midnight, 1 November 2006, to do that!