Among Pandas: My feisty little panda daughter

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So I got to meet and touch Yoong Ping, my little panda daughter. Who turned out to be one feisty missy who left a souvenir on my right arm.

Yup, of all the panda cubs born in 2006, I had to choose the most independent and fiercest of them all!

I was warned that she bites and just last week, she scratched and shredded the sleeve of someone’s uniform!

Yes, I was warned but I still wanted to meet her. It came to the point where I said I would be happy just to see her and touch her. Which I did, but I got photos, too.

She was up on her usual perch. One of the keepers lured her down with a piece of bread, which she took in her mouth and turned around to go back up her perch! No can do, missy, come down here, you!

I had other cubs wanting to play with me – one had his paws around my leg – and the one cub I wanted to play with kept trying to get away from me! HRMPHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

When I came out of the yard, I was in a bit of a shock, not totally believing that I’d just spent some quality time with my panda daughter! But as these pictures show, we did get to interact for a little bit in September 2007.

And for the briefest moment, I had her wrapped around my leg, too.

As for the souvenir she left, she’d managed to leave behind an impression through the blue plastic frock I was wearing (a requirement of all visitors going into the yard).

In contrast, Lang Lang, the little boy cub who sat with me on the bench for some shots, was a quiet little fella who didn’t try to run away. But then, he was happy munching his piece of panda bread.