The Final Break

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Yesterday marked my final, final break with my former employer. Even though I’d left them at the end of June, I still had some ties with them as a minor shareholder. Well, not anymore – I sold all my shares yesterday afternoon, at a price that should keep me out of financial mischief for a while.

I was actually planning to convert my shares to the new company’s (a merged entity comprising three companies). The exchange exercise was supposed to be around this time, and I have been waiting to receive the forms to do the necessary. Then my sister called to say our remisier had called to tell her about the exchange exercise and had recommended that I sell the shares, especially since the deadline is the 17th and it’s a long weekend and I still haven’t received the forms and I may end up missing the deadline, etc. So I said okay, ask the remisier what I need to do to sell my shares.

Apparently, nothing. Cuz yesterday evening, when I saw my sister, she said my shares had already been sold.

I’d actually wanted to keep the shares into the new company for sentimental reasons. I’ve owned them for almost as long as I’ve worked in the company. Through the years, looking at the shares’ wild swings between high-high and low-low, I’d sometimes lamented not selling when the price was good, but my sister would scold me and say this particular company’s shares is to keep, not sell. But since it’s not going to be the same company for too long, now seemed to be a good time to sell, especially as the price is right.