Under New Management

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Hoxe’s Cafe, one of my two favourite writing places, is under new management.

The cafe had been rather unpredictable recently when there would be days it wasn’t opened for business. So yesterday evening, after a good time out (visiting mother and attending a reading at Silverfishbooks in Bangsar), I headed on home, keeping my eyes on the cafe as I drove past to see if the lights were on. They were. Altho that was not guarantee it was opened; I once went by only to find it was opened, but closed for a private function.

Anyways, it was opened yesterday evening. Same menu, but in a laminated sheet rather than in a booklet. Same items. Unfamiliar person serving, tho. I ordered my usual, and settled back to read my purchases from Silverfishbooks.

There was a group of young women huddled over the computer. Soon they were screaming over what turned out to be a Japanese pop concert playing on the computer. Granted the cafe was not crowded for a Saturday night, but it was still unusual for customers to be behaving in such a manner.

I noticed one of the servers going up to another customer with a cupcake. From the look on the customer’s face, he’d not ordered the dessert. Later, after I’d finished my dinner, I was served with a slice of walnut carrot cake, “compliments of the chef”.

When I eventually left – I stayed to read and write a while – one of the women detached herself from the group and walked up to the cash register. “Is this place under new management?” I asked and received a yes in reply.

Oh, that’s why those young women were behaving like they owned the place. They do own the place, but continue to maintain the same menu and prices.

Good idea on the menu and prices. With it, they’ve maintained at least one regular customer. Me.

Yay, girl power!