50 + 1

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I sent off another year of my life about half an hour ago.

Amazed to be this age. Once upon a time, even a girl in the last year of primary school (she would’ve been 12) was old to my 7-year-old eyes. Where I am right now would’ve been ancient!

When I was 12, I received a letter – a purple envelope with my name and address written in pencil, and proper stamps, postmarked US of A, on the top right hand corner. It was a real letter, and it was written by my first penpal, Debbie. We’d been introduced by my friend and her friend who were penpals, too.

I’m talking about Debbie in this birthday post because Debbie and I are the same age, she older by about 6 months. We lost touch in recent years, but thanks to this wonder called the Internet, found each other again a few years back.

Debbie and I are the same age but she’s already a grandma while I’m committed to being single. Can’t get more different than that.

Love you, Debbie. Haven’t seen you online recently. I know you had a rough year last year and hope you’re not having a repeat of it. See you online sometime soon.