Coming Soon: Panda Stories

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20 pictures. 20 stories.

These 20 pictures grace the back of my Moo MiniCards. After I chose them and sent off the order, I realised each of the picture has a story behind it. What a great store of panda stories to tell!

These are actually version 2 of a set I ordered almost a year. I never gave out version 1 but recently brought some along to a book launch. Good thing I did – or maybe I had a feeling I would need them that evening – as I did have to exchange cards with a potential client. And when I told some friends later, they asked for my cards so I gave away a few more.

Never gave them out until recently … so why did I order a version 2 pack?

All I have are the 20 in the card holder; I have no idea where the other 80 cards are. I searched my apartment but just couldn’t find them. So I decided to order a second set – I figured if I find the first set, I would just have more cards to give out.

This second set is version 2 because I updated some of the pictures to include some recent ones.

Hopefully, I’ll learn to be not shy about giving out my MiniCards.

Meanwhile, I have 20 panda stories to write.