Mother’s Smile

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Usually, whenever I visit mother, she would either be in bed, or in her easy chair right beside the sliding door. I would walk right up to her, put my face close to her and say hello. Sometimes, if I spoke slowly and clearly, she would respond. I would touch her hand, caress her face, and feel happy that she does not pull her hand away. That, to me, is a sign that she recognises me.

It was a little different during my first Saturday visit of the new year with her. I’d arrived a little late. She had already had tea and was sitting in a wheelchair in the living room, with my sister on the sofa next to her. The sliding door was wide open, and I stood there for a short while, looking at her. My sister was looking at her, too, for some reaction.

Mother was looking in my direction. She looked like she saw me. She looked like she recognised me because, as she sat looking at me, she kept looking at me, and a big smile came on her face.

Wow, what a wonderful new year present from mother! Even my sister was happily surprised.