Walking with my Omron HJ-113

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I took my new “toy” for a walk this morning. No, not my usual morning walk, but a meander through a nearby mall. And I made this important discovery …

Mall meanderings are not aerobic steps

At first, I thought the pedometer was faulty. I walked, and walked, and walked some more … and the aerobic step counter remained at zero. Okay, some of that walking included time out for a late breakfast and the occasional stops in stores to look at this ‘n that. Then I made a real effort to walk without interrupting myself. After 15 minutes or so, I checked the HJ-113, and would’ve fallen off the chair if I’d been sitting on one.

The aerobic step counter had finally come to life. Something like 1,862 steps in 16 minutes. But that was after more than 4,500 regular steps over an hour.

Wow …

I kept walking. The aerobic steps counter continued counting. Eventually, it stopped (it is deactivated after a 1-minute break, or less than 60 steps in one minute).

The final numbers?

Regular steps – 9,876
Distance – 7.40 km
Calories burned – 280
Fat burned – 16.9g

The numbers that matter …

3,482 aerobic steps in 32 minutes. Or 108.8 steps per minute.

It’s slightly lower than my average of around 120 steps per minute. But I put that down to slowing down towards the deactivation point. The numbers also agree with my stride estimate from yesterday. 9,876 steps covering 7.4 km worked out to 74.9 cm per step. I’d estimated 75 cm.

So the Omron HJ-113 is working. And I feel ready for the next level of my walking.