Health by numbers

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My latest ESR count is 29. This is from the most recent blood tests done from blood taken in early January. The previous count, done from blood taken in late October 2010, was 5, and previous to that, it was 11.

My rheumatologist says it’s nothing to worry about, but if it persists, she will need to put me back on one 5mg Prednisolone a day, instead of the current one every other day.

The guideline is less than 21 so 29 is over, but still below my early lupus days when I had to take two Prednisolones everyday. At one point, the condition was in remission long enough for Dr Y to recommend one tablet every 3 days, but within a week, I could feel the decline, reported it to her, and she put me back on the every-other-day dose.

For now, it’s the usual dose unless I hear from her.