Still Walking

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Last week, I managed four morning walks. This is a big deal to me. Mostly, I manage two, sometimes only one, a week, or even none at all, often because of some health issue. In fact, there were two mornings last week when I thought I wouldn’t be able to go walking, but my body told me it was up to it so I went.

I’m also learning to wear my pedometer (an Omron HJ-113) when I go out, even when it’s not for a morning walk. I’ve discovered that I’m actually quite a fast walker and often achieve aerobic steps when I think I’m walking “normally”. Take yesterday evening. I’d gone to the nearby 7-Eleven to get a loaf of bread. When I couldn’t find what I wanted there, I went to two other shops in the same block, and eventually crossed the road to Jaya Grocer where I found a loaf with a 5-day expiry date. When I got home, and looked at the HJ-113, I saw that I’d achieved a 11-minute aerobic walk with 1,122 steps (that’s 102 steps per minute, almost double the minimum required over 10 minutes of continuous walking to activate the aerobic step counter). So that gives me motivation to wear the HJ-113 like a piece of clothing from now on.

I also log my walking progress on two sites – dailymile and Walker Tracker. I log my aerobic steps on the first site, and regular steps on the second. Believe me, it’s great motivation to see actual numbers online.

For this week, I aim to repeat last week’s walk schedule.