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Convenience Food?

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Years ago, when my brother started living and working in Singapore, he rented a room with a family with two boys. He told me the younger boy said his favourite food was taufu, which he preferred to chicken “because no need to chew, can just swallow.”

In my case, my favourite lunch is a toasted cheese sandwich, because no need to use knife to spread on bread. But that’s just me …

I’m reminded of a fable my mother told me when I was a kid. There was this man who was so lazy to get his own food that when his wife went away, she tied a huge biscuit to his neck that he could eat easily. She came home to find him dead because he’d nibbled the biscuit to his limit and was too lazy to stretch further to eat more.

Sorry for this crazy post, which I’m writing as I eat my toasted cheese sandwich. And please don’t ask me what’s the moral in the fable my mother told me. I can’t remember.

Perennial Chinese New Year “Favourites”?

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I’m talking about Chinese New Year songs here.

Cousin Robert remarked that they are like Christmas songs – we’ve been hearing the same Chinese New Year songs ever since we were young. I agree with him – the singers may be different, but the songs are always the same.

You hear them blaring out in the shopping complexes. I wouldn’t call any of them my favourites, but they do have a way of sticking in the mind, much like nursery rhymes.

Right now, I have one going on and on in my head, and for some reason, I’m hearing “Frosty the Snowman” in it, too – are they that alike??

Another senior moment

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On google chat with BD, fellow gadget-olic:

BD: Hey, how’s your Zen keeping?
C: My Zen is still going strong. Impressed a friend with it recently when I logged in and showed her her blog on it!
BD: Don’t understand the showing your friend’s blog bit..
C (after re-reading earlier part of chat): Sorry, I got my Zen and my TX mixed up. LOL!
BD: Grrr…!
C: It was the TX I was showing my friend’s blog on. I haven’t used my Zen for a while, but recently took it out to use again.
BD: I can’t live without my iPod

The Zen is an MP3 player (full name: Creative Zen Xtra), while the TX is a Palm PDA with built-in wi-fi

The End … NOT!

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And so a 14-year chapter of my life ended at 5:30 p.m. this evening.

And it’s true what they say about doors. New doors have opened even before the old door officially closed.


*chat with R, my resignation letter writing coach*

Now that I’m stopping work …

You’re not stopping work!

Oh yah, I’ll have lots more work to keep me occupied from now on.

Meanwhile, a little R&R. And … hey, I can watch Ellen in the afternoons!


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He said the book’s not very good, not knowing two of its author’s biggest fans were in the audience.