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Shades of May 13 … NOT

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Last night, amidst the quiet celebration as I stayed up waiting for the results (thanks to the Malaysiakini site), I heard rumours of riots in Klang. My first reaction was curfew? And then … oh no, I have no food in the house! I was online with a friend, and told him we didn’t have a problem with food during the May 13 curfew because our shop (we lived upstairs) was between two sundry shops (as they were called in those days) and got supplies from them. That was one of the better memories from that time.

Speaking of Malaysiakini, I’d called my sister to tell her the good news each time I saw them on Malaysiakini, and her reaction was “are you sure or not?” She had a point. The results on Malaysiakini were mostly unofficial. But it took the longest time for the TV stations to post the official results. And it seemed to me they were only posting BN victories.

If it weren’t for Malaysiakini, we would’ve been kept waiting for the results much longer. Thank goodness for alternative news sources.

Comfort Food for Dinner

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After a day of almost non-stop eating with Anne, one of my bestest friends (we go way back before some of my young friends were even born), and her hubby, Dale (IKEA breakfast and lunch at Face to Face that Anne read about from an earlier blog entry), I was telling myself I really didn’t have space in my stomach for dinner. But I had to eat and at times like this, my mind turned to something really light and really yummy and totally reminiscent of childhood …

Plain porridge with a selection of accompanying dishes.

This is comfort food at its best. Well, almost best. Better than this would be a bowl of plain porridge with Marmite (during times of childhood illness).

The porridge shop also sells duck rice, which I will try another day. I don’t know the name of the shop, but it’s located in the row behind Face to Face.

Oh, the dishes in the picture with the porridge – (left to right) half salted duck’s egg, fuchuk (beancurd skins) in gravy, boiled peanuts in gravy and muichoy (marinated vegetables). Just writing about them is making me drool …

Breakfast at IKEA

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I’d first heard about IKEA breakfasts from the old grey poet’s site, but didn’t find anything similar at our local IKEA. The closest was the RM2.99 breakfast I had with Eliza a while back on a Sunday, comprising sausages, baked beans and humongous buns called pillow buns (so humongous a lot of the customers couldn’t finish their portion and there was a lot of wasted buns, which prompted Eliza and I to wonder why IKEA didn’t offer smaller ones, but I digress).

When Anne and family showed up from Toronto, we arranged to meet up for breakfast at IKEA, and that was when I discovered the IKEA 99 sen breakfast. The day we ate there (a Wednesday), the breakfast offerings were fried soohoon and french toast with jam. The next time I went, on my own and on a Monday morning, there was nasi lemak and cereal with milk. This morning, I was there again and ordered both items available today:

Meehoon goreng and set of three mini dumplings (red bean, pandan and custard fillings). Coffee or tea is free before 10:00 a.m. 99 sen per item, RM1.04 after tax. Including parking – total of RM3.08.

I try to sit at the same place each time, near the entrance, to watch the people coming in. They’re mostly elderly Chinese, retired, but there are also younger, athletic-looking ones, in Ts and shorts and sneakers, looking like they’ve just come from their morning walks or jogs. There are also other young ones all dressed up ready for work but there for breakfast and maybe a business meeting, too. Me? Not too elderly, not retired (yet), and definitely not younger athletic-looking or all dressed up ready for work! Altho I did find myself thinking the IKEA cafe would actually make a good place for meetings. The only thing missing is free wifi.

And yes, I’ve made it a personal eating mission to check out the weekday breakfast menus at IKEA, altho not on consecutive days, but one day a week. Let’s see I’ve done Wednesday with Anne and family, and Monday and Tuesday on my own. Next week, I’ll know if they serve the same breakfasts according to the day of the week. Yah, it’s kind of complicated … but at least it gets me out of the apartment early in the day … like I said, it’s complicated.

A pink Post-it Breakfast

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Food writing

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Sharon the bookaholic says I write about food and that reading my writing always makes her hungry.

I found myself wondering when did she ever read anything that I wrote that was about food. And then I remembered. About two years back, I had submitted a sample of my writing for feedback at one of her writing get-togethers.

This is what I submitted – The Last Supper.

It’s the original draft which I later expanded to meet the word count requirement for submission. I still like the original better, and yes, the submission was not selected for publication.