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Got someone to eat last night

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I went to see Val after work yesterday evening. She was in a “I don’t want to eat” mood, which was unfortunate for me, as I wasn’t. In fact, I needed to eat, I was beginning to shake.

Every eating place we looked at, I would turn to ask if she wanted, and without hesitation (read: no pause after the end of my question), she’d say, “No”.

This went on until I thought I was about to keel over with hunger. One floor below where she works, we came across this place with the most unlikely restaurant name – Robert Harris. She said it was horribly expensive, yet, they were having a “dinner for two” promotion. I proceeded to walk past, and guess what? Val pushed and steered me into the place. She’d decided that was where I was going to have my dinner yesterday evening.

What attracted her to the “dinner for two” menu was the salad. She said she’d have the two salads and I could have the rest of the food. In the end, she had her half of the meal, down to the last drop of soup, and the last strand of pasta. Plus she enjoyed the meal, too.


“Dinner for Two” menu:
– 2 portions salad
– 2 chicken and sweetcorn soup
– 1 Bangers and Mash
– 1 Spicy Pasta

It turned out Robert Harris is from New Zealand. For those who don’t know, Bangers is sausages and Mash is mashed potatoes. The latter, according to Val, was made from powder. But she had no complaints about the soup.

Me? I’m just glad she ate.