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Giant panda dental hygiene?

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Feng Yi looks like she’s flossing. Bamboo floss?

(Photo taken in Bai Xiong Ping [White Bear Plain], Bifengxia Panda Base, on 1 October 2012)

Just the voice for Halloween?

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I’m having a very bad throat infection at the moment, bad enough for me to go and see the doctor yesterday morning. Normally, I’d self-medicate (my grandfather started a Chinese medicine shop in the 1930s and I grew up living on the upper floor of that shop, so what did you expect?), but this was bad. The doctor took one look at my throat and said, “Oh my, your throat’s as red as cili padi!” He has prescribed a three-day course of antibiotics, some anti-inflammation pills and lozenges, too.

The throat infection has cost me my voice. It’s there, enveloped in something thick and probably green. I can speak, and it doesn’t hurt, it’s just not my usual voice.

So, yesterday evening, at my sister’s, I went to say hello to Prince the dog. I had to speak up, and his eyes went wide as he tilted his head to the right. He was like “Who are you?”

As for Morpheus the AlphaDog, he looked somewhat confused when I told him to sit but finally did. And when I followed it with the down command, he lowered his front paws halfway so that it was like a half-crouch which he maintained until he finally decided it was okay to obey this strange voice.

And strange it is, too. Maybe it’s the right voice for 31 October.