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Aeroplane in my left ear

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Well, that’s what it sounds like, this buzz in my left ear that’s been there for more than a week now.

When I first heard it, I was at my desk at work and thought it was the chair creaking. But later, I heard it again. By Monday, I decided it was time to see the doctor. But I forgot that day, and went the next day.

The doctor took a look inside my ear and pronounced the outer ear “very clean” . He went on to explain that it could be the middle ear, or even some nerve problem. As he couldn’t be sure what it was, he gave me three different types of pills (yes, three, count it – 1, 2, 3) for different possible problems, including sinus and nerve. I asked if it was okay to take them at the same time, and he said yes. Not very convincingly, tho.

When I told my sister that evening, she said it could be due to my body being too “cool” (leong). I decided to go and see my uncle who’s a Chinese sinseh the next day. Which I did, and he gave me just one type of pills which I’m taking as prescribed – two pills three days a day until the bottle is finished. There’s 200 pills in the bottle, divide that by 6, and I have to take them for a little more than a month.

Already, I’m feeling better. Psychological? Maybe. More like due to my childhood spent inhaling Chinese herbs on the first floor above the family Chinese herbal shop.

Purple & Orange

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Received my lupus wristbands from Tricia, volunteer with St Thomas’ Lupus Trust this afternoon. Slipped them on and found them a bit too big for my left wrist. Felt a bit conscious wearing them – don’t want to be seen as jumping on the wristbandwagon. But then, it’s a good opportunity to spread the word about lupus.

In her note, Tricia mentioned about Lupus Week in October. Wonder what’s the actual date? Have written to ask her.

I ordered 5 (4 purple, the original colour, and 1 orange, which is the newly added colour), and plan to give the purple ones away to friends. No more orange wristbands, as I’m wearing one purple and one orange.

Anyone want one? But must promise to wear. The purple one says “Lupus? What’s that?” , while the orange one says “Life without Lupus”.

I’ll probably wear mine during off-work hours. Closet wristbander?

Ouch …

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This is why I’ve yet to sign a donor card:

Transplant patients die from rodent virus

Dunno what I’ve exposed my body to all these years, and wouldn’t want to pass it on to anyone.


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Off to see my favourite member of the medical profession. My rheumie …

What triggers migraines?

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After lunch today, I felt the onset of a migraine attack. Before long, there was a hammering behind the inside of my left eyeball.

What triggered it? I’d not been out in the sun at all today ever since arriving in the office around 7:45 a.m. I thought hard and figured it was probably something in the lunch I had.

Lunch today had been a fish fajita with corn salsa, which I’d ordered from this catering service recommended by colleagues in the Human Resource Department. It could’ve been one of the vegetables in the salsa, or maybe the salad dressing.

I googled for information about foods that trigger migraines, and came up with the following list:

  • peanuts and peanut butter

  • caffeine in all products, not just coffee
  • dairy products
  • yeast
  • some beans (which includes peanut), as well as broad, lima, Italian, lentil, soy, peas
  • avocados
  • dried meats
  • sauerkraut
  • pickled herrings
  • canned soups and packet soup mixes
  • chicken livers
  • ripe banana
  • soya products as well as the bean itself
  • sodium nitrate, which is used to preserve hot dogs, bacon and cured meats
  • the preservative benzoic acid and its associated compounds
  • MSG, common name for monosodium glutamate, a flavor enhancer which is now in almost universal use in almost all processed foods
  • nuts
  • sourdough breads
  • cheeses which have been aged, i.e., cheddar
  • red wines, beer, champagne, vermouth
  • chocolate
  • anchovies

(Source: Migraine Triggers: Foods that trigger Migraine Headaches)

Looking at the list above, I might as well give up eating for life. Even soy and soy products are listed as migraine triggers!

Actually, I don’t take a lot of stuff on the list. A lot of them are quite foreign to my Chinese stomach, anyway. But not coffee. Coffee is a must-have for me, even though I really should not be drinking it because of my lupus.

In fact, altho coffee is always mentioned in lists of foods that trigger migraine, I’ve actually found it to be an effective migraine killer. More than once, black coffee has helped to drive the hammering away. Otherwise, it’s 2 x 500mg Ponstan. This afternoon, with only one 500mg Ponstan left in my supplies, I took it with black coffee. The migraine’s gone. Fast relief, but I don’t think I’ll try this concoction again.

Other googled articles on migraine triggers:

The first article includes suggestions on keeping migraines away.