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Confused Body

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First, it was every two weeks. Then, it went back to normal (monthly). Now, it’s every three weeks.

Good thing about it is it won’t be around when I’m in Singapore to see kd.

Now I gotta start marking my calendar for it, too.


All in the family

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Just came back from a long-drawn-out wedding dinner. Told the story to Marita already, so won’t repeat it here.

My sister and I went cuz my father wanted to go. He’s good friends with the groom’s grandfather. The groom’s grandmother babysat my nephew when he was a baby. I was there as my mother’s rep.

Anyways, my cousin Bob and his wife Pat were there, too. The groom’s grandmother babysat their daughter when she was a baby.

No, that’s not what “all in the family” in this post’s title is about.

During the dinner, when Bob asked if I wanted some wine, I said I try not to, because of my medical condition.

“I have lupus,” I said.

This was the first time I told him. There was a surprise in store for me. Turns out he has it, too, and so does our aunt, his father’s and my father’s baby sister.

So, it’s true after all – lupus is a hereditary medical condition.

Except, in Bob’s case, it’s very rare, cuz it’s a medical condition that strikes women more than men. The fact that it strikes women more than men is also a reason why lupus is not taken seriously as a medical condition.

“You mean you have lupus? But you don’t look ill.”

But apparently, it’s not a straightforward hereditary condition, as in aunt, Bob and I are related but not immediate in the same family. Still, it is all in the family.


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Rainy weather.

Cold and wet.

Miserable, too, cuz bones are aching.

Dang, the rheumatism is acting up.

Oh, pain, pain …

So pain



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My niece was discharged from the hospital today. She was admitted last Friday for high fever, which turned out to be a reaction to the bone marrow transplant she received five months ago in Perth.

It turns out she is only now showing signs of the GVHD (Graft-versus-host-disease) that was supposed to manifest itself during the first 100 days after a bone marrow transplant. It got me worried as it is almost five months since her transplant. Was it unusual? Does she face additional risks getting the disease beyond the stipulated time frame?

I emailed my concerns to the Malaysian Medical Resources web site. Within 24 hours, I received an email that a reply had been posted on the web site.

The reply included a link for further reading about GVHD.

I found the article very useful as it helped to further identify the specific GVHD areas that my niece is suffering from, and what precautions are required.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to concentrate on what the doctors are saying at the moment we hear what is wrong (worry gets in the way). Having articles to read up later helps tremendously, particularly when such information is readily available on the Net.

I will never stop marvelling at how the Internet has changed lives for the better. Of course, there’s the other side of the coin to consider, too, but that’s not the subject of this post.

Meanwhile, public acknowledgement to Dr Alan Teh aka palmdoc for his speedy reply, and for being on my niece’s medical team.

Thanks, Doc.

Before or after meals?

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“3 times a day every 8 hours before meals”

I knew about “the 3 times a day every 8 hours”, and had timed it this time so that I wouldn’t have to get up in the middle of the night to take the meds. But what’s this “before meals” deal?

At 3:30 p.m., I’d eaten more than two hours ago. There was only one thing to do – take a square of chocolate after I’d downed those two pills (one’s a stronger antibiotic than the one prescribed last week, and the other’s for the phlegm).

Mind you, not just any square of chocolate, but a Royce, from a box that’d been delivered by hand all the way from Hong Kong this morning.

S, my colleague in the Corporate Finance Department, was in the Hong Kong office yesterday (training or meeting, I guess) and had called this morning to say Judith had asked him to bring back something for me. I said to put it in the docket (inter-department mail folder) but he said it was too big for that so I sent one of the support staff to go and collect it.

Turns out there was a reason for the chocs, huh? Good timing, too.

I’d never heard of Royce and said as much when I emailed my thanks to her. She replied that Royce is a Japanese brand, introduced to HK a year ago, and that while they only have shops in Japan and HK at present, she heard they are going to open new shops in S’pore, but not yet in M’sia.

She shared that her favourite from Royce is the soft chocolate which has to be kept refrigerated.

“You should try them when you are here next time.”

Hmm … maybe I’ll stop over and visit Judith on my way to see Hua Mei and twins next year. Or maybe there’ll be a business trip soon so I don’t have to pay for the airfare?