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An Anniversary of sorts

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It’s 10 years since I was diagnosed with lupus.

During those 10 years, I’ve gone through four doctors, not because I’m fussy but because lupus involves different organs in the body, and those four doctors have included a dermatologist (skin), a nephrologist (kidneys), and two rheumatologists (joints). I saw two rheumatologists because the first one decided to migrate to Australia and the second (my current main lupus-related doctor) is his successor at the medical centre I go to.

Apart from the first year when I was totally blur about the condition (I still remember asking the dermatologist “what is lupus?” and being told “now, you must not listen to anyone but me …”), I began taking an active interest in the management of my condition from the second year onwards.

This self-management is due in part to the Internet which has provided a lot of information about the condition. It has also been encouraged by an understanding rheumatologist who listened to me whenever I went to see him and who never gave me the impression that he didn’t think I knew what I was talking about. In fact, he gave me the impression that he enjoyed our little consultations and that he was learning something from me as my condition was being cared for by him. This encouraged me to share with him things I read from the Internet.

I hope his successor is like him.

This morning, I was browsing the latest articles from when I came across an article about lupus, “Immune Antibodies May Be Key to Lupus-Linked Memory Loss”.

The article got me very excited cuz it pointed to a possible explanation why I’m suffering more than my share of memory lapses, more so than other people my age.

I look forward to showing the article to Dr Y this Saturday and asking her opinion about it.

And I really shouldn’t worry too much about whether she’s going to be anything like Dr L. They all have their own styles, and from my couple of exchanges with her so far, things look good with her.

After all, she’s the one who was quite impressed with my bp reading the first time we met, saying I have the bp of someone half my age.