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Sad News

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Read at CNN Online that Venice’s canals are drying up due to “good weather and an unusual combination of planetary influences.” (full story here – Gondolas stuck as Venice waters recede).

This is sad news because it means Venice’s reputation as a romantic city par excellence is at stake. Not that I’ve been there, let alone sat in a gondola with anyone special (not that there’s anyone special).

I remember reading about Venice in Jeanette Winterson’s The Passion, a “fantastical tale of Henri–Napoleon’s cook–and Villanelle, a Venetian gondolier’s daughter who has webbed feet (previously an all-male attribute), works as a croupier, picks pockets, cross-dresses, and literally loses her heart to a beautiful woman.”

Reading about Venice makes me wanna pick up The Passion to read again. Unfortunately, I don’t own a copy; the one I read was borrowed from the library at the place where I work.

Reading about Venice and thinking of The Passion, a certain someone comes to mind. *sigh*

So angry

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This just makes me SO angry:

Sri Lankan teen raped by rescuer

If and when he gets caught, castration is the only sentence for him. Otherwise, may the rapist have his pecker pecked off. Someone, do a Bobbit on this animal.

If women rule the world …

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… maybe we’ll have more Sandra Bullocks.

Sandra Bullock donates $1 mil for tsunami

… if women ruled the world
It would be a good thing

No more war
No more hate
Women can fight
But talking’s great
Behind your back
To your face
They’d rather talk
Than murder

“If Women Rule The World”
Joan Armatrading

Did I hear someone say “tax exemption” ?

Justice is served

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Scott Peterson sentenced to death for killing his eight-month pregnant wife, Laci, and their unborn son, who would have been named Conner.

Full story here:
Jury recommends death for Peterson