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“New” Journal

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Well, this is not really new. It’s more like the fourth version of my online journal. And it’s always been called Chet’s Chatter.

v1 bore the tagline “A sometime-writer’s attempt at keeping an online journal”. Well, for someone who attempted to keep an online journal, I ended up have two active ones which are now closed, but still available online.

Did I say this is v4? What happened to v3? Well, it was just a registration at a blog site to allow me to post comments to friends’ blogs at the same site. There are no entries there at all.

From now, I will post to this online journal.

Chet’s Chatter also has a new tagline …

Never a day without lines

I’m feeling a little scared about all this, in case I don’t meet the daily requirement.

A new beginning

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This is Chet’s Chatter version 2004.

More later.