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Taman Wetland Putrajaya

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Entrance of Taman Wetland Putrajaya. This is a different place from Paya Indah Wetland.

Coming Soon: Panda Stories

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20 pictures. 20 stories.

These 20 pictures grace the back of my Moo MiniCards. After I chose them and sent off the order, I realised each of the picture has a story behind it. What a great store of panda stories to tell!

These are actually version 2 of a set I ordered almost a year. I never gave out version 1 but recently brought some along to a book launch. Good thing I did – or maybe I had a feeling I would need them that evening – as I did have to exchange cards with a potential client. And when I told some friends later, they asked for my cards so I gave away a few more.

Never gave them out until recently … so why did I order a version 2 pack?

All I have are the 20 in the card holder; I have no idea where the other 80 cards are. I searched my apartment but just couldn’t find them. So I decided to order a second set – I figured if I find the first set, I would just have more cards to give out.

This second set is version 2 because I updated some of the pictures to include some recent ones.

Hopefully, I’ll learn to be not shy about giving out my MiniCards.

Meanwhile, I have 20 panda stories to write.

This is the picture I’ve been looking for

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We’re all familiar with the spectacular opening of the Olympics 2008 games in Beijing, especially the sight of Li Ning being hoisted up to “run” mid-air around the stadium before lighting the Olympics flame. Well, here’s something even more spectacular.

Hou Bin of China, a Paralympic Gold medallist climbs a rope to light the Paralympic flame during the Opening Ceremony for the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games at the National Stadium on September 6, 2008 in Beijing, China (direct link to copyright picture)

I saw the lighting of the Paralympics flame by chance – I was channel surfing when I came to the CCTV English news channel just as Hou Bin was lifting himself and his wheelchair up to where the “wick” of the flame waited to be lit. I tell you, I’ve never seen anything so awesome and touching in my life.

More Paralympics pictures here.

Ang Pow Art

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Yes, yes, I know Chinese New Year was in February, and there won’t be any CNY ang pows for another 6 months or so. But when I saw this piece of ang pow art displayed on the door to my sister’s office, I just had to take a picture and show it off here.

This piece of ang pow art is made up of 4 ang pow envelopes given by the OCBC Bank. Placed side-by-side, the 4 envelopes make up a mini painting. Very creative. And a clear winner in the best ang pow design award, if ever there is such an award.

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Red is the New Black

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At this month’s month-end literary events.

First up, red shoes at the MPH LitBloggers’ Breakfast Club in the morning:

Sharon’s right (with the fancy nail polish) and Chet’s left (in her much-loved chunky Crocs).

Next, an almost solid red T at the Seksan Readings in the afternoon:

Oops … Kenny looks like he has a growth at the back of his head! Sorry, man.

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