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Box of Kindness

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I was expecting a package from the States, but I wasn’t expecting one that overflowed with the kindness and generosity of a man I am pleased to call my friend. Richard, who I’ve known for about five years as fellow AlphaSmart user and mod leader from the now defunct AlphaSmart Community Centre, had recently started his own photo site where he’s also selling 5×7 prints. I ordered 5, and received a note from him that he’d put in something more in the box.

The “something more” turned out to be 7 additional notecards, and 9 postcards.

Each of the 5 notecards I’d ordered came in its own acid-free, lignin-free clear bag, and all five cards were tied with a gold elastic string. I could literally feel the kindness in the box and on the string, too.

The beautiful cards gave me an excuse to try out the 2MP camera that’s in my new handphone (the wonderful SonyEricsson K750i) and for comparison, I took another with my Nikon 5900 (below).

If you’re intrigued by the images in the pictures I’ve taken, you can see more at Richard Wanderman Photography. Information on purchasing the images can be found here.


Some pictures

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Liverpool Street Station … modern and spacious and clean, unlike Victoria which is older and has more character. Lots of shops to explore.

Norwich Bus Station, which had been rebuilt and is really nice and modern looking now.

The campus … everything looks the same. Even the Chaplaincy, which still has the word “Chaplaincy” taped across the window facing the Square. May even be the same sign from all those years ago.

I presented myself at the Accommodation Office, checked in, got my key (one access card, one card for two doors – main and my room – and breakfast card).

Nelson Guest Suite, in the direction of Waveney Terrace (where I lived during my first two years and recently torn down) … a bit of an uphill walk. Wet, too. Seen here from the dry interior of Mango cafe.

Late, late lunch at Mango … wasn’t much left but I got a sandwich, a bag of chips and a really nice coconut latte.

Went back to EAS and there was some activity in some of the rooms but I didn’t go into the School Office to say hello cuz no one there I know.

Coffee at 5:30 in the morning …

And the view outside …


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So I eventually got off my behind last Saturday and went to get the new printer from the car. The previous evening, I’d gone to a computer store to get the necessary supplies – A4 glossy and matte photo paper, 4×6 glossy photo paper, A4 iron-on transfers (visions of my own Tai Ts), even a labeller, but that’s another story.

I spent some of the weekend printing out some favourite pictures. Here’s the collection:

All the three Tai pictures were taken by somesai, who has been called Tai’s unofficial personal photographer. Then there’s Boo’s official publicity shot (Boo from the movie Monsters, Inc, yes, that’s her in the pink nightie and pigtails), and two Janis shots from my UK LRC holiday back in April.

And a small voice nags, What about your trip to Norwich?

Me: What about it?

Small voice: You haven’t written about it, and it’s more than 3 months …

Me: Oh …

Picture of the Day

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“Carry me, please? Please, please?”

My Dana welcome screen

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The welcome screen is part of the TealLock automatic locking programme from TealPoint that I use to secure and protect my Dana (and my Zire 72, too).

The TealPoint family of products was one of the first series of Palm applications I tested when I first started using a PDA (the Palm III) back in 1998. I own licences for TealLock, TealGlance and TealEcho, but these days, only use TealLock.

The welcome screen is probably my favourite TealLock feature. I can configure it to show any picture and/or text of my choice. As you can see, I have Snoopy at “work” and my favourite writing reminder ( “Never a day without lines” ) as the first thing I see when I switch on my Dana (and Zire 72, too).

In addition, I can configure both my PDAs to go on from the welcome screen to launch a specific application. In both PDAs, the launch application of choice is Agendus, so I can see at a glance any appointments and tasks for that day.

BTW, the picture of my Dana’s welcome screen was taken with my Zire 72’s built-in camera. 😀