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A Malaysian Christmas

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I have a camera. I just don’t carry it around with me all the time. So when I see something nice and want to capture its image, what do I do?

Take yesterday evening, for instance. I was at The Curve (went to the new Borders bookstore) when I saw all these lights, looked closer and realised they were Christmas trees, part of The Curve’s Christmas decorations. I was actually looking at the back of the decorations. Continued on my way, then thought “how about a picture?” , turned back, remembered I had my Zire 72 with me, so I took it out, activated it and took a couple of shots.

What I like about the picture are the people in it, the ones going for a close-up of the lighted trees.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

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ManchesterAnne sent me this picture of the scene in her garden:

It brought to mind my first winter in Norwich 1986:

And then there was this picture Beth sent me of snow in Turners Falls, MA, in March 2001:

On my car’s front windscreen

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This is what I see from my seat in my Nissan Sunny Extra:

Left – Janis Ian’s Rude Girl logo sticker from fellow Rudie Karen
Right – FONZ membership sticker from Washington, DC’s National Zoo

And if you’re outside looking in, this is what the two stickers look like:

Well, not exactly. You’ll see the car’s interior (steering wheel, etc.) instead of the trees and blue sky. This is just a reverse of the first picture.

I know, I’m not making much sense.

The Morning After

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View outside my bedroom window around 6:55 this morning:

Yes, it’s a brand new day.

Coffee Time

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My coffee mug at work: