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Horse on the road

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When I told JL I saw a horse on the road yesterday before telling him what it really was, he said he thought the horse was running wildly on the highway or something.

Well, no. The horse was in a horse transporter. But it was during the after-work rush hour along what is probably the busiest road in Kuala Lumpur.

We were all caught in a traffic jam and I was looking at the cars around me when I saw this tall vehicle in front of me, with the silhouette of a horse painted on the back. Took me a while before I saw the horse’s head hanging out the side of the vehicle, and another while before I realised it’d make a good picture. Unfortunately, by the time I took out my Palm Zire 72 and got it in camera mode, the vehicles had started moving and the horse transporter was quite faraway from me.

This is what I managed to get:

The circle shows where the horse’s head is (it’s attached to the rest of the horse’s body, by the way). The picture also gives an idea of the bumper-to-bumper traffic we experience here after work on weekdays.

I found myself hoping the vehicles would stop again and I could get another chance at a shot of the horse. Better than that. I found myself next to the horse transporter further down the road, and managed to get this shot:

The horse looked like it was enjoying the view.

There were at least two horses in the transporter, but this was the only one tall enough to look out. To its left, I could just see the ears of another horse.

This horse incident taught me a few things, the most important one being …

It’s time I got me a proper digital camera!

The words on the side of the transporter means “Kuala Lumpur City Hall”. I have no idea why the KL City Hall has such a vehicle, or where the horses are going.

Singapore Weekend

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I flew to Singapore on its national air carrier, and back on Malaysia’s national air carrier. The difference in the two airlines may be glimpsed through the choice of cup and saucer in the Y class – SIA on the left, and MAS on the right.

In a crowded MRT train. The focus of the picture is the outstretched arm holding onto the railing, which reminded me of someone’s arm (grin). I actually wanted to take a front shot of the arm’s owner, but by the time I took out my PDA, she had turned her back on me … yes, the arm belonged to a female bodybuilder.

Here’s the Esplanade, a complex of different sized concert halls; the Esplanade Recital Studio, where Janis performed, was the smallest, holding a cozy 200 seats. The “big head” sculpture was part of a Botero “Fat Ladies” exhibition that had different sculptures located throughout the island; this one attracted its share of curious onlookers.

Two close-ups of “big head”. I’m sure it has a name, and I had the exhibition’s brochure which I picked up at the airport during the first trip down for kd’s concert, but had since given to Sharon, so I don’t know its actual name.

My Corkboard

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We’ve all heard of electronic books, electronic cards, and other things electronic. Now, how about an electronic corkboard that looks exactly like the real thing, but resides in your computer?

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“I didn’t do it”

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Isn’t that such a cute, cute picture of a younger Hua Mei?

Apparently, this was used in a poster, probably to attract visitors to the San Diego Zoo. With that smile and that pose, no wonder she won the hearts of millions everywhere. Including mine.

Lost Picture Post #2

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Here’s the second:

Mama Hua Mei and twins:

Feeding time

This way, quick!

Let me out!

Me, too!

Son #1 has been named Da Hua Sheng, which means “Older Chinese-American”, reflecting the ties between China and America, while Son #2 has been named Hao Yun, which means “Good Fortune”.