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Lost Picture Post #1

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There were two (lost picture posts). Here’s the first …

Mama Bai Yun and son:

Snow Panda

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Little panda in the snow. Just love those eyes.

The Smile

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See? Even behind the camera, you can feel her smile.

JustMe commented about the twinkle in her eyes here.

Thanks to “guitarman” Dave for the picture.

Dogs really do smile!

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Back in November 2004, I posted an entry about a series of pictures showing a kid and a dog each. In response to the first picture which showed a smiling Golden Retriever, I noted that dogs really do smile. Well, here’s another proof that they do.

Picture Source: through the viewfinder – Photoblog

Sunrise 1984

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Turned out the small house that our church friend rented in Dungun was one of a few in the compound of the landlord’s house. What’s more, the compound was mere steps away from the beach. So early one morning, BK and I got up and went to the beach. There we sat and waited, and were soon rewarded with a gorgeous sun rise. I snapped to my heart’s content, using 35mm slide film (hey, this was more than 20 years ago, no digital cameras then), and being amply rewarded when the slides came back from the shop a week or so later.

Here’s one of the sunrise shots from Dungun 1984:

If anyone’s wondering, I was using a Nikon EM during that trip to Dungun. I later went on to a Nikon FM2. Now, I’m thinking perhaps I should get the digital camera I’ve been thinking about for a while now. Any suggestions, anyone? Preferably Nikon.

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