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Sunset 1984

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In the last few days, I’ve had three blogger friends post pictures of sunsets they took. Have a look at them and then come back (or not) to continue reading this post:

Shades of Vermillion by Tarlia
Sunset by Marita Paige
Clouded Sunset by DavidLee

Am I inspired to take something similar? No. For two reasons. One – I don’t have a camera (well, I do, but I haven’t used it in years). Two – where I live, I can’t see the sun setting (no, I don’t live behind bars, altho it feels like it sometimes; I just live in the city, in a double-storey linkhouse where any view of any sunset is blocked by the row of houses in front).

But seeing those three pictures reminded of one I took more than 20 years ago.

I was on holiday in Dungun, Terengganu. A church friend had been posted there for her first teaching job, and had rented a small house that she shared with another teacher. She issued an invitation to visit, and I think BK and I were the first to accept.

The morning after we arrived, we went on a day trip to Pulau Besar. I don’t remember much of that trip, but have at least one photographic reminder of it. Here it is, sunset over Pulau Besar 21 years ago:

I called it “Fishing Boat at Sunset”, inspired by – you guessed it – Jean-Michel Jarre’s “Fishing Junks at Sunset”.


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Guess who?

I don’t know either.

Caught in the act

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Found this neat picture on the Net. Nice example of a photographer at work.

I just hope I don’t get sued for using the picture without permission.

Something Old, Something New

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What’s this? My Phoebe has a new stand?

An “aerial” view:

Nah, not a new stand. Just my new laptop on my old one. Here they are, opened up:

The Zenith saw me through my grad studies at UC San Diego in 1989 / 90, I’d bought it secondhand from my housemate. It’s a monster, with two floppy disks that were quite cleverly positioned inside the laptop (pictures in a while), but only a 4.77mHz processor! Nevertheless, it saw me through my grad studies and I still have it today, waiting for the day there’s a computer museum I can donate it to.

Anyway, here are a couple of pictures of the Zenith.

It looks almost like a desktop, doesn’t it?

And here’s why I said the two floppy disk slots are quite cleverly positioned inside the laptop:

They are well protected when the laptop is closed, unlike other laptops that have the floppy disk drives outside.

Disk drives – these days, laptops where got disk drives? Aiyoh, my Zenith is really so dated.

Go to bed!

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They’re sleeping.

I should be, too.


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