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Hua Mei and her little ones

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Occasionally, I google “Hua Mei giant panda” for any recent news updates, and was rewarded this evening with some pictures taken two months ago in October. Here’s the web page I made:

Hua Mei and her cubs, October 2004

Phoebe on the TravellerPad

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Here are the pictures. Taken with my Z72’s camera, so the quality’s a little on the low side.

Trust me, Phoebe is sitting on the TravellerPad

See? Swivel it a little, and the two black triangles below it
are part of the TravellerPad

Close-up of Phoebe on the TravellerPad, seen here as a
black “shadow”

This one’s for you, Marita

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Giant panda cub Mei Sheng’s 1st birthday web page


Comic Relief

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After the rather scary picture in the previous post (no offence to Maxine Hong Kingston), I thought I’d re-post a series of pictures from giant panda cub Mei Sheng’s first birthday celebrations back in August. They were first posted on my v2 site.

Mei Sheng took a tumble on his birthday, but zoo
keepers said not to worry.

The keepers said the bears are built to take such falls.

Ouch …

It did not take Bai Yun long to notice.

Images and Captions from NBC 4 – Irresistible Headlines.

Picture of the Day

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Crazystrat strikes again.

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