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Love your job? What a thought!

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I used to think (and I still do) that you should love the job you’re in. This may be naive, since sometimes you don’t have a choice about the job you’re in. Then again, if you can choose the job, you would choose something you love, right? Apparently not. Sometimes, a job is a job.

Recently, The Washington Post ran a story on the giant panda family at the National Zoo in Washington, DC. A couple of things that the Zoo’s director said made me wonder if it’s just a job to him.

I know he was just quoting someone in the first quote, but the second one seems to suggest that the giant pandas are just a species to him. But I’m amazed (no, appalled) that someone in such a senior position can be so irresponsible as to speak of the Zoo’s star attractions in such a disparaging manner. Mei Xiang, Tian Tian and especially Tai Shan have brought much joy to residents in DC and the surrounding areas, as well as people around the world. And he is after all, director of one of the few zoos with a giant panda family. Surely, there must be some pride in the fact that your Zoo is helping to make visitors happy.

You know, there are different ways a piece of information can be given out and the way you choose to give it is often an indication of your attitude to the situation. And the message I got from the choice of words in the above extract tells me it’s just business to Mr Berry. But that’s just my interpretation. Other people, of course, could see it differently.

In contrast, I think the staff at Wolong and Bifengxia in China truly love the giant pandas in their care. Even the office staff. I remember during my Bifengxia trip last year, I was talking to one of the Panda Club staff. I’d asked him for some pictures of some cubbies, and as he was going through the pictures on his computer, I could see a look of pure joy on his face as each picture came up on the screen. Then he lingered longer over one picture, and finally sighed and said, “Oh, so cute!”

This is the best thing in the world – to be in a job you love.

Some changes a-coming

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First off, I just wanna say I MISS MY WIN DESKTOP. It went belly-up a week or so ago, and I’ve been using my MacBook plugged into the external 17″ monitor.

Yes, I have both Windows and Apple machines at home. It’s always been that way ever since I started using computers. At college in San Diego, I had a DOS laptop (yes, in those days, it was DOS, pre-Windows), but the department used Macs. Then, when I came home and started at my second job, we had dinosaur Macs but later persuaded the department head that we needed proper PCs. Then I started hanging out with a group of Mac users, and decided to get me an Apple G4 PowerBook. It was mostly a fun machine while I continued using a Win desktop for serious work. I later replaced the PowerBook with a MacBook, mainly because it can run both Mac and Win OSs.

And I’d been toying with the idea of going 100% Mac, especially since I can use Win on it, too (some necessary apps still require the Win environment). The desktop was getting old, and I thought it was time to make the change.

So for the past week, I’ve been on a Mac environment. It’s quite fun actually but hell on my eyes. The 17″ monitor’s display is not proportionate to the Mac’s 13.3″ display. 1280 x 800 on the Mac became 1280 x 10something … oh, I forget. I’m currently not using the 17″ at the desk, but the “native” Mac on my lap. And suddenly I realised I’d been abusing my eyes with a disproportioned display all week. Not that I didn’t know – my eyes have been feeling tired more than usual, and one night, I even had shimmering images in front of both eyes.

Still thinking of a change to Mac? For the sake of my eyes, I don’t think so.

It is time for a computer upgrade, but not in the direction of a Mac. Instead, I’m staying with Windows. A completely new CPU with the latest components.

I’m planning to sell my MacBook (anyone local who’s interested, please email me chincm[AT]gmail dot com). And getting the new ASUS eeePC (see previous post), a 9″, < 2-pound ultraportable. Cuz I still need a mobile machine when I’m out and about.

The most hated numbers in the world

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678, and especially with the word “error” in front. “Error 678″ . That’s why my Streamyx at home is down.

It took three TMNet customer service guys to help me figure it out (cuz the first two got disconnected thro my “blurness” ). And now my living room is littered with cables and modem and router … it’s complicated why it is, it just is.

So there’s more camping at Hoxe’s, at least for the next couple of working days, which is the minimum number of days required for TMNet technicians to figure out what’s wrong. What a time for the home connection to be down, when I need to be online for work, not play!

Yeah, things are rolling in.

BTW, big thanks to TMNet customer service for their patience and help.

I just have to say this

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We had taken Greenie to the vet’s on Merdeka Day. She had been suffering from skin problems and I just felt we needed to do something for her. I’d called her regular vet and asked if perhaps we should have blood tests done on her. Since he’s a mobile vet, he said he wouldn’t be able to do it, and we’d have to take her to a regular vet.

I went to a vet clinic in the neighbourhood and found that they would be opened on Merdeka Day. So we took her there, and because it was her first time at a vet, she was restless, so the vet said she would have to give Greenie an injection to sedate her. Apparently the sedation would last 30 minutes.

Greenie continued to sleep even after we took her home. Before I left around 4ish, I went to look at her, she was trying to stand but still looking groggy.

By the next morning, she was dead. My nephew later told me he’d been in touch with the vet a few times from the previous evening till when they found her dead. The first time, at around 8 pm, he’d called to ask if it was okay to feed her, and the vet said yes. So he fed Greenie some water and food, but she refused the food. Around midnight, he called the vet again because Greenie was crying in pain and beginning to foam at the mouth. Apparently, the vet said to just leave it. The next morning, when my nephew called to say Greenie had died, the vet said she would come by around 10 a.m. to have a look.

But the vet never showed up. When we called her to ask what time she would come by, she said she had sent another vet. Well, we had two visitors who said they were from the clinic and told by the vet to come and collect the bag of food and two bottles of medicated shampoo that we’d bought the previous day. But they did not identify themselves as doctors. Later, they came again while I was out, but they merely repeated what the vet had said over the phone in the morning – that Greenie probably died from water in her lungs.

Huh? I checked with my nephew and he said Greenie did not choke when she drank the water. He said she was probably too groggy to know water had gone into her lungs. Huh? Is that possible?

It’s two days since Greenie died. I haven’t stopped feeling guilty for my part in her death. I was the one who’d decided on which vet to send her, even though it was a vet we’d never used. I based my decision on the fact that the vet clinic was in the neighbourhood and open on a public holiday.

I’ve been going through the event over and over in my head. At first, I thought it might be a combination of the anaesthetic the vet had injected her, and a heartworm prevention jab. Later, after reading up a bit more on it, I realised Greenie was probably allergic to the anaesthesia.

But what really upsets – no, angers – me more than anything is the vet’s irresponsible behaviour. To say she would come to the house to look at the body, but never did.

This vet has a cute web site with a picture of herself. There was an email address so I wrote to her. I ended my email by saying I would never recommend any of my friends to take their pets to her clinic.

When I sat down to write this entry, I was going to reveal the name of the clinic. But I won’t. Not yet anyway. However, if you’re reading this and you have pets, tell me if you want to know the name of the clinic so that you’ll know not to take your pets there for treatment. For now, all I’ll reveal is that it’s a shop along the same row as The Ship in Damansara Utama.

For some reason, I have no doubt the vet is a good vet, but for now, being a good vet does not mean anything if the follow-up – breaking a promise to come by the house to see the body – is so totally irresponsible.

And no, she never replied my email.

Victim of Technology

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I’d just finished uploading a picture to my Flickr account where I extolled “the marvels of 21st century technology” when the desktop computer froze on me and wouldn’t let me do anything, not even shut down to restart.

As I was having a good online chat with mellowbug in Toronto, I scrambled to wake up my PowerBook so I could start up MSN Messenger there and continue chatting with her. Alas, MSN Messenger on my PB said there is a newer version, did I want to install it? I clicked no, followed by sign-in, but the message appeared again. And again. It looked like I could only sign in if I agreed to installing the newer version, so I did but with great reluctance. The installing process got underway, while over at the desktop, the system was being checked for bugs, as it’d been shut down without going through the usual (read: proper) process.

I decided to see which would be faster – the desktop or the PB. The former won. I was back online, but mellowbug was not. :sad:

The marvels of 21st century technology? My foot. 😡