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Strike a pose

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Bet you never seen anything quite like this before.

Found the picture on the Net the other evening.

BTW, that’s Hua Mei sometime in 2002.

I know … they all look alike. But only Hua Mei, who has been in the limelight ever since she was born, can strike such a pose.

Thursday mid-afternoon, San Diego Zoo

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Cannot resist posting this …

40 minutes later …

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He was up for a bit, and looked like he had a hangover. Too much bamboo?

After which, he went back to sleep.

Sunday morning at the San Diego Zoo

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If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then I’ve done my lines for today!

Caught a picture of a sleeping Mei Sheng on his favourite perch. The little paw tells you what is what on the black and white fur ball.

More “live” Me Sheng action