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Resignation Update

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ARR joined my table at the tail-end of my lunch yesterday and took a seat facing me. At some point in the conversation, I said to him “I’m leaving at the end of the month.”

He frowned, cupped his hands over his ears and replied “I didn’t hear that.”

I repeated the same exact sentence.

“Are you leaving the Group or the building?”

Haha, very funny, ARR. Leaving the Group.

I left the building recently to work on a project in a different office across town, but now I’m back. For a short while, as it turned out.

Resignation 101

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*sound of “Jackie Skates” ringtone coming from handphone*

Pick up phone, look at name on screen and answer with a cheery “Hi!”


This is totally unacceptable!


When was the last time you wrote a resignation letter?

Uh … 14 years ago.

Okay, have you got pen and paper?

Can you amend and email to me? Actually, all I wanted to write was “I resign.” And maybe “Thank you.”

You must never burn your bridges behind you. A friend of mine wrote “I resign. F you.” She definitely burned all her bridges behind her.



In the end, we forgot to mention the length of notice I was giving, and the HR Department thought I was giving 24-hour notice.

Haiyoh …

*big sigh of relief*

Under Attack

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Apparently, it may not be the close proximity of the reading lamp that’s causing those ugly red welts on my left forearm.

Apparently, I may be on the verge of a stress-induced lupus flare. I just hope this is not a repeat of the 1997 flare when I ended up with shooting pains in my lungs each time I tried to take a deep breath but was too busy at work to go and see the doctor, and when I finally did, an X-ray of my lungs showed lesions that indicated pleurisy. The lesions healed on their own – miracle from God surely, but one I do not wish repeated again.

Nick of Time?

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I’ve finished filing my income tax returns for 2006 and it was done online. But I haven’t submitted it yet cuz the form refused to let me fill in the amount of scheduler tax that has been deducted from my salary over the same period – a crucial piece of information required to compute the actual amount of tax I have to pay out of my own pocket. And tomorrow – or rather today – is the deadline. Somehow, I’ll need to find the time to get over to the Income Tax Department to sort this out this electronic malfunction. But I’ve also been invited to lunch with two gorgeous creatures … so how, ah?

Updated: Mon, 30/04/07, 10:50 p.m.

It wasn’t an electronic malfunction, but a case of aging eyes missing the all-important scheduler tax box. 😳

All’s well now, my tax returns have been filled, and the damage is not too bad … in fact, not bad at all.

As for the lunch, it was cancelled as one of the gorgeous creatures had come down with food poisoning.


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Or the English spelling – cooliecutive.

An ex-colleague taught me the word many years ago, and I loved it then, and still love it today. I use it whenever I feel abused at work. Today, I used it again, not because I felt abused, but because I had a lot of fun at work today. Not just today, but recently. New team mates, mah.