My alma mater is no more … NOT!

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As of 1 August 2004, my alma mater, the School of English & American Studies (EAS) at the University of East Anglia (UEA) in Norwich, England, is no more. No, it hasn’t closed down. It’s just (just! she says … *roll eyes*) been renamed Faculty of Humanities, with three separate Schools of study that were departments in the previous set-up – School of American Studies, School of Film and Television Studies, and School of Literature and Creative Writing.

Now that I think about it, UEA is probably one of the very few English universities that didn’t have a Humanities whatever (insert word of choice: School, Department, Faculty … ) in the 80s. Then again, it is also one of the newer English universities, having been set up only in 1963, which maybe gave it creative licence to have more new-fangled sounding names for its departments.

What made me decide on UEA? For one thing, it was one of two universities to make me an unconditional offer (the other was the University of Warwick). For another, EAS’s degree award system fitted in with my needs at that point in my life.

Why UEA and not Warwick? While both are not in London (so that I’d be safe from its various distractions), Norwich is only 2 hours away and close enough for a day trip when I needed to be distracted.

As for the degree award system, 50% was determined by course work throughout the three years and the other 50% from exams held only at the end of the third year. This was a god-send to me because I’d been out of school for seven years and not having to worry about exams at the end of each term or each year made a big difference. The first two terms were also preliminary terms that gave students the opportunity to try out the different departments’ offerings before deciding on their majors and minors. Prelims, in particular, gave me the time needed to ease back in to student life, adapting to attending classes instead of meetings.

It turned out I made the right decision in accepting UEA’s unconditional offer and spending three formative years in EAS. There were three particular aspects about EAS that made UEA stand out from the other English universities – its Creative Writing School, Film Studies Department and Women’s Writing section.

(to be cont’d … )

It was right under my nose

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Or rather, it was right there in front of my face.

As I continue to tweak the layout of my Chatter site, one of the things I wanted was to have only the most recent day’s posts appear on the front page. Having just learned CSS and PHP, I was expecting the answer to be in either of those file types.

I posted a question at the WordPress forums and received one reply, which pointed to a PHP file related to reading. Prior to that, while reading the WP forums, I’d come across suggestions to look at Options: Reading. I remember asking myself where is Options: Reading? I was going to post a question to ask, and good thing I didn’t. The answer finally came to me early this morning when I was in the shower.

Options: Reading is not a PHP file but an easy-to-use feature on my WP login page, the place where I do all admin and tech stuff for my Chatter site.

True enough, when I went to check the page later, I found it. And changed the “Show the most recent” option in the Front Page section to 1 day. Which is what the front page of my Chatter site now shows.

I’m feeling really *duh* at the moment. But it’s all part of the learning process.

Next task – put in Previous | Main | Next links at the bottom of each page.

What to have at that time of month

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Haha time

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I’m a little upset at the moment, so I thought I’d cheer myself up and post the following cartoon strip:

Got someone to eat last night

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I went to see Val after work yesterday evening. She was in a “I don’t want to eat” mood, which was unfortunate for me, as I wasn’t. In fact, I needed to eat, I was beginning to shake.

Every eating place we looked at, I would turn to ask if she wanted, and without hesitation (read: no pause after the end of my question), she’d say, “No”.

This went on until I thought I was about to keel over with hunger. One floor below where she works, we came across this place with the most unlikely restaurant name – Robert Harris. She said it was horribly expensive, yet, they were having a “dinner for two” promotion. I proceeded to walk past, and guess what? Val pushed and steered me into the place. She’d decided that was where I was going to have my dinner yesterday evening.

What attracted her to the “dinner for two” menu was the salad. She said she’d have the two salads and I could have the rest of the food. In the end, she had her half of the meal, down to the last drop of soup, and the last strand of pasta. Plus she enjoyed the meal, too.


“Dinner for Two” menu:
– 2 portions salad
– 2 chicken and sweetcorn soup
– 1 Bangers and Mash
– 1 Spicy Pasta

It turned out Robert Harris is from New Zealand. For those who don’t know, Bangers is sausages and Mash is mashed potatoes. The latter, according to Val, was made from powder. But she had no complaints about the soup.

Me? I’m just glad she ate.