“New” Journal

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Well, this is not really new. It’s more like the fourth version of my online journal. And it’s always been called Chet’s Chatter.

v1 bore the tagline “A sometime-writer’s attempt at keeping an online journal”. Well, for someone who attempted to keep an online journal, I ended up have two active ones which are now closed, but still available online.

Did I say this is v4? What happened to v3? Well, it was just a registration at a blog site to allow me to post comments to friends’ blogs at the same site. There are no entries there at all.

From now, I will post to this online journal.

Chet’s Chatter also has a new tagline …

Never a day without lines

I’m feeling a little scared about all this, in case I don’t meet the daily requirement.

With a little help from my friends

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Since installing WordPress yesterday evening, I’ve felt quite defeated by it as I’m not familiar with PHP or CSS. Then I saw David Clark online, said hello and asked for help. Next thing I know, Richard Wanderman was online to offer help.

I’ve still a long way to go to customise the look of my v4 chatter site, but at least I’m on my way, having been put on the right track by a very helpful friend.

Thanks, Richard, for your help. Thanks, David, for letting Richard know.

A new beginning

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This is Chet’s Chatter version 2004.

More later.

Somebody got engaged recently

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No, it’s not me. :)

It’s my brother-in-law’s niece, Mei Hua, currently working in the States (Gaithersburg, an hour from Baltimore, Maryland, I think). Not directly my niece but someone who honours me by calling me “Ah Yee” (aunty on mother’s side, the term my niece, her cousin, would address me as).

Her cousin Pooi See emailed me this morning to ask if I’d seen Mei online recently and I replied that the last time we chatted was the day Wien Yue was discharged from Royal Perth Hospital and I shared the good news with Mei. Since then, I’d not seen her online as I’d not been logging on the past couple of nights. Anyways, Pooi See and I then chatted on the phone and she said she heard news of an engagement but needed to get confirmation from Mei’s mother, “Ah Ku” (aunty on father’s side, as Mei’s mother and Pooi See’s father are siblings, but I digress).

So I made sure to come online this evening, to hear it from the engaged person herself. Here’s part of our chat:

chetmooi: Hullo, I understand I’m to congratulate you for something
Mei338: :-)
chetmooi: So, diamond engagement ring?
Mei338: Yes!
chetmooi: Wah
chetmooi: *Ah Yee turning cartwheels of delight for Mei Hua*
Mei338: I know! I said “Wah” out loud too!
Mei338: Aww, thank you sooo much!!!!

And here’s a picture from the surprise engagement party:

Can’t wait to meet Mister Loh-Burt in November.

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