Happy Birthday, Gong Zhu!

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My beautiful Princess

She’s 14 today and I got to be with her this birthday.

I’d adopted her in September 2008 after my first volunteer trip to Bifengxia Panda Base in August that year. I’d helped to look after her for a week during that trip. After I returned home, I thought about it and decided to adopt her.

Here … well, almost

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“Here” is not quite this trip’s destination, but enroute cuz it was an evening flight, arriving too late to continue to Ya’an so I stayed a night in Chengdu, at a place called Traffic Inn located just behind XinNanMen bus station where I take the bus to Ya’an.

Checking out Ya’an’s weather while waiting for the “toast, butter and jam” breakfast at Traffic Inn

The sign says "BIfengxia" but the actual destination is Ya'an.

The sign said “Bifengxia” but the actual destination is Ya’an

Now I have arrived in Ya’an and checked into Ibis Hotel. I got a room with a view of the bridge. Lunch in a while and then up to the panda base to see my adopted panda, Gong Zhu – it’s her birthday today.

Final test

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Promise (edited)

Just one more …

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To see how it looks on Facebook.

Reactivated …

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… and ready to go.