Although Chet is often a guy's name, usually short for Chester, I'm a woman. In fact, I'm a Malaysian woman of Chinese descent.

My name, as it appears on my birth certificate, is Chin Chet Mooi. This is the English spelling of the three characters that make up my name.

In the Chinese community, the family name comes first, so Chin is my family name, and Chet Mooi my given names. My name Chet is uniquely mine, while Mooi is a shared name with all the other girls in my generation (e.g., my sister's name is Song Mooi, while the names of some of my cousins include Lee Mooi, Soo Mooi, and Chew Mooi).

When I went for further studies in England, my name was "Westernised" to become Chet Mooi Chin. Later, the Mooi became an initial and was eventually dropped, so that I came to be known as Chet Chin. These days, I am usually known by my full Chinese name, except in official correspondence with the West, in which case I use my "Westernised" name.
Chet's Corner

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